The four fats

The four fats indications

The four fats, an energy food sugar-free

The four fats is the combination of four high-fat content foods.

The four fats are: the clarified  butter or Ghee, peanut butter without sugar, the coconut oil and the fruit of the avocado.

In the video The Four Fats , you can see the preparation of this super energy food.

Ghee is made from organic butter, put in a saucepan over very low heat, without bringing it to a boil.

The ghee is only the fat part of the butter, which is mixed with coconut oil, peanut butter and the fruit of the avocado.

The caloric value of Ghee is 900 kcal for 3,52 oz  the same calories of extra virgin olive oil.

The caloric value of the peanut butter sugar-free  is 600 kcal for 3,52 oz

The caloric value of coconut oil  860 kcal  for 3,52 oz

The calories of avocado, a super food,   varity  “Margarida,” has about 45 kcal  for  3,52 oz , the variety”Manteiga” marketed in Europe has about 160 kcal for 3,52 oz

Four Fats can be prepared to your taste, increasing or decreasing, the content of the various components.

Avocado, is the main food that increases or decreases the weight, calories and taste of the final product.


0, 53 oz  Ghee 135 kcal ( 0,53 oz  = one teaspoon)

0,53 oz of coconut oil 129 kcal

0,53 oz of sugar-free peanut butter 90 kcal

0,53 oz of avocado Manteiga 24 Kcal

A total of 2,11 oz  and 378 kcal 378 with flavor and very intense taste.

Increasing the dose of avocado Manteiga to 1,59 oz  have a total of  3,17 oz and 426 kcal.
The result is a product with a delicate taste.


Four fats is an invigorating food, suitable for people who need long-lasting energy: marathon runners, cyclists, climbers, who want to eat with a small dose of food, very digestible.

Four fats can also be used by individuals who perform heavy work or people who follow diets low glycemic index or hyper protein diets.

This super food can be used by people-patients and weak or who follow a diet based on low glycemic index or debilitated vegetable juices from drug treatments.


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The four fats, i quattro grassi





The correct food combinations

The correct food combinations to reach the psychological well-being

The correct food combinations help in digestion of food.

Bind proteins to carbohydrates, it is not recommended by everyone and it is not recommended to take the vegetables with the fruit.

The vegetables can be taken with protein and carbohydrates.

The fruit is always better not to associate it with protein, carbohydrates and vegetables.


Fruit according to some authors is classified as either acid, acidic or sweet seeds, this is only an estimate based on the taste, but the fruit has always PRAL (Potential renal acid) is negative then alkalizing.

These are some of the correct food combinations that are indicated, but there  are also foods that have a pharmacological power, and that must be undertaken with appropriate associations.

Among these foods are avocado, asparagus, spinach, okra or okra, cantaloupe melon, tomato and carrot.

Bind proteins to carbohydrates, it is not recommended by everyone and it is not recommended to take the vegetables with the fruit.

The vegetables can be taken with protein and carbohydrates.

The fruit is always better not to associate it with protein, carbohydrates and vegetables.

Fruit according to some authors is classified as either acid, acidic or sweet seeds, this is only an estimate based on the taste, but the fruit has always PRAL (Potential renal acid) is negative then alkalizing.

aa primo piatto 3

These are some of the correct food combinations that are indicated, but there  are also foods that have a pharmacological power, and that must be undertaken with appropriate associations.

Among these foods are avocado, asparagus, spinach, okra or okra, cantaloupe melon, tomato and carrot.

These are plant foods with the higher content of glutathione.

Glutathione, a product with anti oxidant properties and cleansing, even our liver produces daily endogenous glutathione.

The glutathione contains 3 amino acids: glutamate, cysteine, glycine.

Glutathione with selenium, forms an enzyme called glutathione peroxidase which is encoded on a gene GPX1 and two other enzymes glutathione – S transferase M1 GSTM1, and glutathione – S-transferase T1 GSTT1.

Glutathione peroxidase is an enzyme which neutralizes oxygen peroxide and other peroxides, free radicals, leading to oxidative stress and lead to premature aging of the cells throughout the body.

Glutathione peroxidase, keeps the skin whiter.

Consume foods containing natural glutathione is indicated to counteract the aging tumors to strengthen the immune system and decrease the negative effects of chemotherapy with cisplatin.

To get these benefits, we must consider also the correct food combinations.

  1. Cooking reduces glutathione content, therefore, our choice will fall especially on foods that can be eaten raw.
  2. To associate, to food containing glutathione, a food rich in selenium

foods rich in selenium are brazil nuts, mustard seeds, cashew nuts, raw tuna, fried sardines, mussels or mussel.

The avocado for example can be eaten in salads or used as a base for desserts   with Brazil nuts or with grape juice 


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Le corrette combinazioni alimentari

7 Billion Diets 


food composition tables 


Glutathione and white skin



7 Billion Diets Photos THE STORY OF ENRICA

7 Billion Diets The story of Enrica is described in the book “7 Billion Diets” published by America Star Books ISBN 9781632492050

Cover 7 Billion Diets Antonio G. Traverso

7 Billion Diets Ed. America Star Books 2014

All documents are photographed part of Enrica’s history.
They have been made ​​anonymous for privacy.
The originals are in the possession of Mrs Enrica RB.

  The method Nutri-Genonma-Genealogy,

7 Billion Diets 

7 Billion Diets  paperback edition 

Iris  Enrica

Enrica Iris Left

Enrica Iris Left

Enrica Iris Right

Enrica Iris Right

In April 2004, she underwent the Osteo Test. The results were equal to 11.91 nmol Dpd/mmol creatine, thus she had an increased risk of bone loss. Th e maximum reference value for a woman is 7.4 nmol Dpd/mmol Creatine.

La storia d'Enrica

Enrica Osteo Test

In September 2006, she underwent radiographic examination for BMD (Bone Mineral, DXA).

Foto 8 pag 183 Enrica  MOC 29 sett. 2006 a

Erica BMD

Foto 9 pag 184 MOC 29 sett. 2006 b

Enrica BMD

Diagnosis: Osteoporosis.

Foto 10 pag 185 Esami Sangue 2006 a Enrica

Enrica blood tests 2006

Foto 11 pag 1856Esami Sangue 2006 b Enrica

Enrica blood tests 2006

In October 2006, she took blood tests:

S-Calcium 2:34 (2.10-2.60)
S-Phosphorus 0.89 (0.80-1.50)

Foto 12 pag 187 Enrica Diagnosi medica 2006

Last 2006, her doctor diagnosed her with osteoporosis. She was at high risk for fractures complicated by feedback of hypercalciuria.

Foto 13 pag 188 Enrica Ca  urinario 2006

In December 2006, she took tests for calcium and urinary diuresis: 198.12 mg in a 24-hour period (120-365); 2600 cc in 24 hours

Foto 14 pag 188 Enrica  Vit D  Creatinina 2007

In 2007, other tests were performed: U Creatinine 0.71 (0.60-1.80) P-25 OH Vit D 56.2 ng/ml (10.0-68) In 2008, about a year after the examination: U Creatinine 1.12 (0.60-1.80)

Foto 16 pag 190 Enrica MOC 2008 aFoto 17 pag 191 Enrica MOC 2008 b

Foto 18 pag 192  Enrica MOC 2008  c

In 2008, the MOC performs control Stable Osteoporosis Diagnosis

Foto 19 pag 193 HMS 1

In July 2009, Enrica underwent the Mineral Tissue (HMS or HTMA) exam to check the status of her minerals at the intracellular level.

Foto 20 HMS Enrica

Enrica HMS

Foto 21 pag 194 HMS 3

Foto 22 pag 195 HMS 4

Foto 23 pag 195 HMS 5

Foto 24 pag 196 HMS 6

Foto 25 pag 196 HMS 7

The Mineralogram highlighted an excess of calcium and phosphorus.

Foto 28 pag 198  MOC Enrica 2010 a

Foto 29 pag 199  MOC Enrica 2010 b


The endocrinologist recommended a dietary intake of calcium

last December 2010. She saw a urologist last April 2011.

Foto 36 pag 204 Enrica  TAC

The Eco handwriting of the abdomen last 2012 was full of micro-lithiasis

Foto 35 pag 203 Enrica ECO

The Eco handwriting of the abdomen last 2012 was full of micro-lithiasis


Foto 37 pag 205 Enrica DNA a

Enrica DNA result a

 Enrica DNA b

Enrica DNA result b

© 2014 by America Star Books.
All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of the publishers, except by a reviewer who may quote brief passages in a review to be printed in a newspaper, magazine or journal.

Softcover 9781632492050

Preparation of “flour or bio mass”of green bananas “nanicas”

La farina o la massa bio di banane verdi E Adatto per i celiaci e per le PERSONE intolleranti al latte.
puo Essere utilizzato per possibilita creare: torte, creme, Succhi di Frutta, salse e OGNI Piatto in cui vi E quello di utilizzare un’alternativa al latte o farina contenenti glutine.

Ricetta per la Preparazione di massa bio:

5 banane verdi (Molto Immaturi) di Tipo

Musa acuminata Banana “Dwarf Cavendish”

Acqua qb Lavare le banane verdi in Acqua Fredda.Musa acuminata Dwarf Cavendish @ DrTraverso



Far bollire CIRCA 5 -7 litri. di acqua,
in Una pentola a pressione.
Banana verde lavate @ DrTraverso

Banana verde nanica Senza Picciolo @ DrTraverso





DOPO il lavaggio Tagliare Una Porzione del Picciolo di banane in Modo Che racconto ESCE il reticolo.


QUANDO l’acqua bolle, introdurre le banane.
CHIUDERE la pentola e Dal Momento in cui l’acqua
di Ritorno a bollire (Valvola sibilo) lasciarle per 8 Minuti.
Cucinare in Una pentola normale E di circa 20 Minuti

Banane nanica in pentola @ DrTraverso

Trascorso del tempo QUESTO, spegnete il fuoco e lasciate le banane in Una pentola per 20 Minuti.

Banana verde cotta @ DrTraverso

Rimuovere le banane Uno alla Volta Dall’Acqua bollente.
APRIRE e metterli Nel frullatore.
frusta, aggiungendo acqua se Necessario per piatti di pasta liscia circa 100 ml.
La biomassa Così prodotta puo Essere utilizzato immediatamente o Conservato in Frigorifero, 4 Giorni o Nel congelatore per 3 Mesi.

Banana verde frullata @ DrTraverso

Bio massa di banane verde @ DrTraverso








La farina o biomassa estratta Dal verde banane nano ha ONU sapore neutro.

Puo Essere Usato per possibilita creare zona Qualsiasi Cibo QUANDO ingredienti Trovati Nella ricetta

Dessert succo d'uva e bio massa @ DrTraverso

Macedonia con farina di banane verde nanica @ DrTraverso

tipo: farina, latte, latte condensato o crema.

Puo Essere Usato venire ADDENSANTE Nelle marmellate,

        gelatina, mousse.

Proprietà di massa bio di banane verdi “Dwarf Cavendish” 

Ricco di fibra E ONU Alleato Contro il Cancro intestinale
da ONU Senso di sazietà, ed e utile Nel Trattamento di Obesità
riduce l’Assorbimento di Zuccheri e grassi
Si riduce la Produzione di insulina
Migliora la Funzione dell’intestino
cultura Suolo Ottimo per la flora intestinale
Riduce gonfiore causata Dalla Fermentazione degli Alimenti
Riduce intolleranze Alimentari
Ottima fonte di potassio, PRIVO di sodio

Dose giornaliera 2-4 Cucchiai di massa bio o 2 Cucchiai di farina di banane verdi nano a prendere 30 -60 Minuti prima dei Meals.

2 Cucchiai di polvere (dose giornaliera Massima) pari a 20 g

Maria Sol e Antonio Traverso
@ dottor Traverso
Copyright 2014 QUESTO postale fa altera parte del Libro “La Dieta enzima” E vietata la Riproduzione also Parziale Senza il Consenso degli Autori.


“Purificazione” Dieta enzimatica

“Purification” Enzyme Diet
The first step to start the Enzyme Diet “is the” purification “.
We can not think of restoring the functions of our body without detox.
We take each day, air pollution, drugs, poisons, foods rich in preserved, dyes, etc..
Our body is constantly under stress in the body and this creates “inflammation.”
Inflammation is the first manifestation of the malaise is the method that the body takes to self-defense.
With treatment, we are going to reduce the chronic inflammation that can lead if it is to cancer.
There are various ways to detox, fasting, a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, cereals, teas and dietary supplements.
Among the many methods of purifying, this season, we can use the apricots.
The apricot is a fruit with more than 25 antique varieties.
And ‘rich in carotene, potassium, vitamin. B, C, iron, magnesium, sugars, proteins and fats.
The water content is about 80% and 100 calories and grams of about 48 Kcal.
In studies of ancient Chinese Medicine anti-cancer powers are attributed to the apricot seeds, almonds, apricot kernels, which are inside.
The kernels have an active “amygdalin” which is capable of releasing hydrogen cyanide (toxic).
The amygdalin is found in all fruit except the seeds of citrus fruits.
Biochemist Ernst T. Krebs, Jr. gave a scientific explanation of the use of “laetrile” or Vitamin B17, all’amigdalina like substance in the treatment of cancer.

The Hunza, a population that lives close to Pakistan, have a diet of fresh apricots is consuming dry, the kernels contained in the seeds, and do not know the tumor.
The apricot has a glycemic index 45-55 (average) for the fresh fruit and 30 (bottom) for dried apricots.
The PRAL that the potential for acidosis, shows that the fresh fruit is slightly alkaline – 5.15, while the dried fruit is very alkaline – 30.5.
These alkalizing properties, are a remedy to our diet that is almost always acid and a help to people who suffer from osteoporosis.
Many times it is recommended for osteoporosis, taking 40 grams of Parmesan cheese make a day for Football.
The Parmesan cheese is a food acid, however, has a PRAL for 40 + g = 9.89.
Our body to compensate for this acidic bicarbonate removes calcium from the bones and then you have the opposite effect.
However, if we assume 200 g of fresh apricots (about 3 fruits) PRAL = – 10.00 or just 40 grams of dried apricots PRAL = -12.00 neutralize the effect of acid cheese, and so we made our bones Football
Our cleansing diet can be organized by 1 or 2 days: breakfast, lunch and dinner with apricots and water in the dose of at least 2 liters of lemon juice.
Alkalize our body and we will begin the first step of purification.
The apricots and lemon should be strictly of organic origin.
The water of excellent quality.
To get a good tan and make the most of the carotene content in this fruit hiring extra virgin olive oil or Omega 3.

Enzyme Diet Vegetarian (V.E.D)

Enzyme Diet Vegetarian (V.E.D)
The “Enzyme Vegetarian Diet” (VED) is the response to diets that use the “High-protein Method” to lose weight in a short time and with little effort.
In the book written in collaboration with Dr. Claudia Luoni “Food and Superstition” we called “Dr. Atkins’s diet,” the worst diet in circulation.
Today slimming diets are proposed or “Diets low carb” almost all attributable to the diet of Dr. Atkins, the principle of protein supply was recovered by several authors and professionals who have replaced the name and making small changes to customize them.
The foods eaten are almost always repetitive freeze-dried foods were introduced, high-protein mash and all supplements, increasing costs and penalizing the pleasure of good food.
The authors, industry professionals and slimming products exploit the principle of ketosis for weight loss results with a sensational start, weight loss, even 10 – 15 kg. in a month, but with serious health risks.
High protein diets eliminate fruit, vegetables and fiber, limit the sport for lack of glycogen and impair social life because of the foul odor emitted by the person who practice them.
These diets can cause severe kidney damage, for the elimination of nitrogen in proteins, cardiac and digestive problems for the increased fat content in foods.
Being a power imbalance in the immediate recovery is almost always because they have a phase of consolidation and maintenance.
The “vegetarian” can not follow this methodology because the specialist refuses to follow him.
The V. E. D. (Enzyme Vegetarian Diet) is a diet using foods such as fruits, vegetables, 3cereali, legumes, fish proteins, egg and dairy enzyme harnessing the power of these foods.
Even with this method you can lose weight very quickly, “Enzyme Vegetarian Diet” has no contraindications for the healthy person is a complete nutrition that does not exclude any nutrient, is not in calories and therefore there is no obligation toweighing food.
Undergo the method V. E. D. means being constantly followed by the nutritionist, and daily, which controls body weight and feed more appropriate to change the combination if needed, to reach the target goal and maintaining it.
The menus are personal, are not transferable to other people also using the food recommended for your blood type and will not apply to foods that can cause allergies and intolerances, or are not acceptable to the person who submits to this methodology.
The “Enzyme Vegetarian Diet” uses the recipes of Mediterranean cuisine, teaches the best method of cooking, not to affect the enzyme activity of foods.
The flavors are replicated and is recommended best time of food intake.
The foods are all natural, preferably organic, freeze-dried foods are not used or stored and containing additives.

“Enzyme Diet” T. E. D. (Traverso Enzymatic Diet)

T. E. D. is the “Enzyme Diet” conceived and formulated by Antonio G. Traverso (ND)

Adapting to Western food traditions,nutrition Dr. Hiromi Shinya, inventor of the colonoscopy and Dr. Edward Howel dell’enzimologo the research,was developed the “Method T. E. D. “This type of nutrition is unique in Italy and is able to activate or suppress,thanks to the choice of foods, enzymes and hormones of the person who gets the “Method T. E. D. “And ‘processing aid in case of: gastritis, esophageal reflux, colitis, abdominal bloating, food intolerance, can help to control blood glucose, insulin resistance and weight loss in a progressive and fast. And personal, because it is formulated on the individual issues that is being monitored daily until the problem is resolved or the maintenance of body weight, for a period ranging from 60 to 150 days. The advice is therefore the principal daily feature of T. E. D. The foods chosen for delivering the daily menus are almost always compatible with your blood type, are avoided, and foods that can cause overloads, intolerances and allergies. The food is best given in the timetable of the day.The recipes are those of Mediterranean cuisine.It should not be weighing food, is not a calorie, are not used drugs, only natural foods. It ‘a kind of power is completely different from all other diets and also has strict rules that must be observed closely in order to best reach the goal.Version V E. D. it is indicated for vegetarians.