“Purificazione” Dieta enzimatica

“Purification” Enzyme Diet
The first step to start the Enzyme Diet “is the” purification “.
We can not think of restoring the functions of our body without detox.
We take each day, air pollution, drugs, poisons, foods rich in preserved, dyes, etc..
Our body is constantly under stress in the body and this creates “inflammation.”
Inflammation is the first manifestation of the malaise is the method that the body takes to self-defense.
With treatment, we are going to reduce the chronic inflammation that can lead if it is to cancer.
There are various ways to detox, fasting, a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, cereals, teas and dietary supplements.
Among the many methods of purifying, this season, we can use the apricots.
The apricot is a fruit with more than 25 antique varieties.
And ‘rich in carotene, potassium, vitamin. B, C, iron, magnesium, sugars, proteins and fats.
The water content is about 80% and 100 calories and grams of about 48 Kcal.
In studies of ancient Chinese Medicine anti-cancer powers are attributed to the apricot seeds, almonds, apricot kernels, which are inside.
The kernels have an active “amygdalin” which is capable of releasing hydrogen cyanide (toxic).
The amygdalin is found in all fruit except the seeds of citrus fruits.
Biochemist Ernst T. Krebs, Jr. gave a scientific explanation of the use of “laetrile” or Vitamin B17, all’amigdalina like substance in the treatment of cancer.

The Hunza, a population that lives close to Pakistan, have a diet of fresh apricots is consuming dry, the kernels contained in the seeds, and do not know the tumor.
The apricot has a glycemic index 45-55 (average) for the fresh fruit and 30 (bottom) for dried apricots.
The PRAL that the potential for acidosis, shows that the fresh fruit is slightly alkaline – 5.15, while the dried fruit is very alkaline – 30.5.
These alkalizing properties, are a remedy to our diet that is almost always acid and a help to people who suffer from osteoporosis.
Many times it is recommended for osteoporosis, taking 40 grams of Parmesan cheese make a day for Football.
The Parmesan cheese is a food acid, however, has a PRAL for 40 + g = 9.89.
Our body to compensate for this acidic bicarbonate removes calcium from the bones and then you have the opposite effect.
However, if we assume 200 g of fresh apricots (about 3 fruits) PRAL = – 10.00 or just 40 grams of dried apricots PRAL = -12.00 neutralize the effect of acid cheese, and so we made our bones Football
Our cleansing diet can be organized by 1 or 2 days: breakfast, lunch and dinner with apricots and water in the dose of at least 2 liters of lemon juice.
Alkalize our body and we will begin the first step of purification.
The apricots and lemon should be strictly of organic origin.
The water of excellent quality.
To get a good tan and make the most of the carotene content in this fruit hiring extra virgin olive oil or Omega 3.