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7 Billion Diets The story of Enrica is described in the book “7 Billion Diets” published by America Star Books ISBN 9781632492050

Cover 7 Billion Diets Antonio G. Traverso

7 Billion Diets Ed. America Star Books 2014

All documents are photographed part of Enrica’s history.
They have been made ​​anonymous for privacy.
The originals are in the possession of Mrs Enrica RB.

  The method Nutri-Genonma-Genealogy,

7 Billion Diets 

7 Billion Diets  paperback edition 

Iris  Enrica

Enrica Iris Left

Enrica Iris Left

Enrica Iris Right

Enrica Iris Right

In April 2004, she underwent the Osteo Test. The results were equal to 11.91 nmol Dpd/mmol creatine, thus she had an increased risk of bone loss. Th e maximum reference value for a woman is 7.4 nmol Dpd/mmol Creatine.

La storia d'Enrica

Enrica Osteo Test

In September 2006, she underwent radiographic examination for BMD (Bone Mineral, DXA).

Foto 8 pag 183 Enrica  MOC 29 sett. 2006 a

Erica BMD

Foto 9 pag 184 MOC 29 sett. 2006 b

Enrica BMD

Diagnosis: Osteoporosis.

Foto 10 pag 185 Esami Sangue 2006 a Enrica

Enrica blood tests 2006

Foto 11 pag 1856Esami Sangue 2006 b Enrica

Enrica blood tests 2006

In October 2006, she took blood tests:

S-Calcium 2:34 (2.10-2.60)
S-Phosphorus 0.89 (0.80-1.50)

Foto 12 pag 187 Enrica Diagnosi medica 2006

Last 2006, her doctor diagnosed her with osteoporosis. She was at high risk for fractures complicated by feedback of hypercalciuria.

Foto 13 pag 188 Enrica Ca  urinario 2006

In December 2006, she took tests for calcium and urinary diuresis: 198.12 mg in a 24-hour period (120-365); 2600 cc in 24 hours

Foto 14 pag 188 Enrica  Vit D  Creatinina 2007

In 2007, other tests were performed: U Creatinine 0.71 (0.60-1.80) P-25 OH Vit D 56.2 ng/ml (10.0-68) In 2008, about a year after the examination: U Creatinine 1.12 (0.60-1.80)

Foto 16 pag 190 Enrica MOC 2008 aFoto 17 pag 191 Enrica MOC 2008 b

Foto 18 pag 192  Enrica MOC 2008  c

In 2008, the MOC performs control Stable Osteoporosis Diagnosis

Foto 19 pag 193 HMS 1

In July 2009, Enrica underwent the Mineral Tissue (HMS or HTMA) exam to check the status of her minerals at the intracellular level.

Foto 20 HMS Enrica

Enrica HMS

Foto 21 pag 194 HMS 3

Foto 22 pag 195 HMS 4

Foto 23 pag 195 HMS 5

Foto 24 pag 196 HMS 6

Foto 25 pag 196 HMS 7

The Mineralogram highlighted an excess of calcium and phosphorus.

Foto 28 pag 198  MOC Enrica 2010 a

Foto 29 pag 199  MOC Enrica 2010 b


The endocrinologist recommended a dietary intake of calcium

last December 2010. She saw a urologist last April 2011.

Foto 36 pag 204 Enrica  TAC

The Eco handwriting of the abdomen last 2012 was full of micro-lithiasis

Foto 35 pag 203 Enrica ECO

The Eco handwriting of the abdomen last 2012 was full of micro-lithiasis


Foto 37 pag 205 Enrica DNA a

Enrica DNA result a

 Enrica DNA b

Enrica DNA result b

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Softcover 9781632492050

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