The four fats

The four fats indications

The four fats, an energy food sugar-free

The four fats is the combination of four high-fat content foods.

The four fats are: the clarified  butter or Ghee, peanut butter without sugar, the coconut oil and the fruit of the avocado.

In the video The Four Fats , you can see the preparation of this super energy food.

Ghee is made from organic butter, put in a saucepan over very low heat, without bringing it to a boil.

The ghee is only the fat part of the butter, which is mixed with coconut oil, peanut butter and the fruit of the avocado.

The caloric value of Ghee is 900 kcal for 3,52 oz  the same calories of extra virgin olive oil.

The caloric value of the peanut butter sugar-free  is 600 kcal for 3,52 oz

The caloric value of coconut oil  860 kcal  for 3,52 oz

The calories of avocado, a super food,   varity  “Margarida,” has about 45 kcal  for  3,52 oz , the variety”Manteiga” marketed in Europe has about 160 kcal for 3,52 oz

Four Fats can be prepared to your taste, increasing or decreasing, the content of the various components.

Avocado, is the main food that increases or decreases the weight, calories and taste of the final product.


0, 53 oz  Ghee 135 kcal ( 0,53 oz  = one teaspoon)

0,53 oz of coconut oil 129 kcal

0,53 oz of sugar-free peanut butter 90 kcal

0,53 oz of avocado Manteiga 24 Kcal

A total of 2,11 oz  and 378 kcal 378 with flavor and very intense taste.

Increasing the dose of avocado Manteiga to 1,59 oz  have a total of  3,17 oz and 426 kcal.
The result is a product with a delicate taste.


Four fats is an invigorating food, suitable for people who need long-lasting energy: marathon runners, cyclists, climbers, who want to eat with a small dose of food, very digestible.

Four fats can also be used by individuals who perform heavy work or people who follow diets low glycemic index or hyper protein diets.

This super food can be used by people-patients and weak or who follow a diet based on low glycemic index or debilitated vegetable juices from drug treatments.


NB The   Sorry, the English text is not perfect because I used Google Translate and Balabolka.

@DrTraverso   Holder Copyright 2016


The four fats, i quattro grassi






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