Blood Type 0 and Enzyme Diet

 The blood groups are not only a recognition of the immune system, but also show the evolution and habits of mankind.

 Studying anthropology, we learn that the Evolution of Human Species called “homination” and the evolution of blood types are parallel.

The feeding, migration and mutations are critical for adaptation, then the source of the Modern Man, or Homo sapiens is the one which began about 150,000 years ago and ended 40,000 years ago with Homo sapiens in eastern South America.

The men of that time were all of blood type 0, were hunters ate meat, fruit and wild herbs.

The Type 0 then has the distinction of being the “carnivore”, “the hunter” has a strong digestive system, the immune system is hyper – active, is a leader, confident and strong.

Hardly in the Group 0 gain weight if this happens just because they have an unbalanced diet and incorrect combinations.

Group 0 hyper tolerate the diet – protein, but does not tolerate dairy products and cereals particularly those containing large amounts of gluten, which do not make you fat and lose weight.

Foods recommended for this group are beef, veal, lamb, sole, salmon and sardines.

Among the vegetables are artichokes, garlic, onion, cabbage, fresh figs, dried plums, walnuts and pumpkin seeds for the fruits and seeds.

The benefits are legumes cowpea and azuki beans., Olive oil and linseed oil are recommended.

Among the cereals emmer, barley and buckwheat, which are indifferent as well as mozzarella, goat cheese and soy.

Turkey, chicken, duck, anchovies, are allowed because they too indifferent food.

Group 0 has to avoid the full 00, even flour, corn and all derivatives; cow’s milk, kefir and derivatives because they can not metabolize.

Eggplant, mushrooms, mandarin oranges and should not be assumed.

The belonging to Group 0 can integrate his or emonutriceutici nutrition with dietary supplements such as B complex, lipoic acid, coenzyme Q10, L-Methionine, Iodine, L. Bifid, Milk Thistle, Dandelion, Spinach and Broccoli.

To lose weight then the 0-Group should minimize the use of cereals with derivatives that block the activity of insulin and legumes that alcalinizzano the body and do not store energy.

Summing these factors to a possible thyroid lazy it has a very slow metabolism.

Since this power supply Low – Medium glycemic index weights food does not affect the results, Dr. Peter D’Adamo in formulating its menu does not take into account the glycemic index of foods.

Dr. Claudia Luoni Naturopath and Nutritionist, has done a study on the physical aspect of each blood type.

People in group 0 are the thin, eat and get fat, get fat if it is wrong to eat ..

Women have the classic model body with thin legs and hips and buttocks with a few, the breasts are pronounced.

0 people remain lean it easier for women even though both can get to overweight and obesity.

And ‘it is certain that subjects 0, if they follow a proper diet, unable to lose weight very quickly.Thanks to “Enzyme Diet” we can activate and deactivate enzymes in excess or in deficiency, then we can get to be so anti endure to dairy products or fail to take cereals with gluten creating in almost all persons of group 0 notable issues.Foods with “lectins” not compatible with the Group 0 are still to be used as little as possible with the “Enzyme Diet”



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