Blood Type A and Diet Enzyme

Group A appears in areas from Asia or the Middle East about 25,000 to 15,000 years ago.

Our ancestors of Group A were not of “Hunters”, but the “Farmers” and began to have animals in their wake.

L ‘”Farmer” and then eat what they grow, their diet is predominantly vegetarian, fresh without additives and preservatives.

His digestive system and most sensitive of Group 0 and the immune system is tolerant, not a sport such as “Hunter” and in need of relaxing activities to overcome stress.

Group A loses weight by eating vegetarian and reducing the introduction of the flesh, giving space to fish.

Lose energy, strength, drowsy post prandial and water retention if he eats meat.

The Mediterranean cuisine is its diet, bearing in mind that, however, must reduce the excess wheat, because it inhibits the insulin-like Group 0.

Group A, unlike that of Group 0 has no antigens, but only one sugar on the red cell membrane fucose, besides this, he also tied a sugar: N – acetyl – galactosamine.

The sugar fucose linked to the B group is instead the D – galactosamine.

The D – galactosamine found in milk and dairy products, and gives rise to antigen B, which is the enemy of the immune system of Group A.

Milk and dairy products and then slows metabolism and digestion of this group

and are also not recommended because they are rich in saturated fat dangerous for the circulatory system because it tends to develop cardiovascular disease.

The soy-based products are well digested and may be accompanied by vegetable oils such as olive oil and flax.

The vegetables help intestinal motility, metabolism and make better use of calories is recommended the pineapple.

Women who have breast cancer in the family, according to studies by Peter D’Adamo should eat snails (Helix pomatia)

These contain a powerful lectin that sticks to cancer cells and agglutination do not do damage, but are beneficial.

Supplements for Group A are Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, C, carnitine, N – acetylglucosamine, Histidine, L.Bifido, Magnesium, Soy Isoflavonoids, Alfa Alfa, Turmeric, Terminalia Arjuna, Ginger.

To lose weight people belonging to group A need to adopt a diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, and legumes, low glycemic index.

Occasionally they can take fish, chicken and turkey dinner preferably always accompanied by vegetables preferably not colored.

The people in Group A, according to studies by Dr. C. Luoni, people who are “looking at the food and get fat”!

I’m normal weight TO GREASE,

The physical structure is significantly different from 0, the men are “big” in general.

The group A is prepared to obesity and diabetes, especially if there is genetic predisposition.

The group A woman, if he follows a diet low in dairy products, manages to maintain a lean physique, it changes the power increases promptly weight with incredible difficulties to return to the weight.

The “Enzyme Diet” for those of blood type A is formulated with food compatible and neutral.

A particular emphasis is placed at the reactivation of the enzymes of digestion that many foods harmful to the Group A inactivate and facilitate weight gain.



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