Blood Type AB and Enzyme Diet

The  ‘”Enigma” the AB blood type, relatively young group is the intersection of Group A and Group B Mongolian Caucasian, appears in about 500 BC

This blood has antigens A and B in addition to the fucose on the membrane of red blood cell traviamo N – acetyl galactosamine (Group A) and D – galactosamine (Group B).

Individuals with group AB have no antibodies then neither A nor anti-B antibodies and can receive blood from everyone, but it can give to those not belonging to Group AB and Group 0, which has anti A and anti B.

The Group AB is a modern group has an impact on the world’s population of about 2 to 5%.

It ‘s “Enigma” a mystery of evolution that responds erratically to changes in both dietary and environmental.

The people in the group AB are more active and stronger in those of Group A and are closer to physical energy of people from Group B.

The diet of Group AB may be the integration of the two diets of groups A and B, where the harmful foods are eliminated, however, bearing in mind that the Enigma has a delicate digestive system.

Red meat contaminate the intestine through bad digestion, wheat slows the metabolism.

The corn, buckwheat, lima beans and seeds alter the insulin causing hypo-or hyperglycemia, both white and black pepper and vinegar are not welcome at this blood type.

The fish, soy cheese green leafy vegetables instead activate metabolism.

The laminaria algae, milk and cheese promote the production of insulin.

The extra virgin olive oil is also for this blood group the best seasoning.

To integrate the best diet of Group AB, strengthen the immune system, prevent heart disease and cancer can take Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, C, L-glutamine, citrulline, betaine, lipoic acid, L- bifid, astragalus, alfalfa, green tea, parsley, turmeric, amaranth, licorice, ginger.

Persons belonging to the AB blood type as those of Group B have the chance to have a wide variety of foods to create menus diet.

Their diet should be based on fish such as grouper, hake, salmon and dairy products such as feta, mozzarella, to avoid butter, Gorgonzola, Parmesan, provolone cheese, whole milk.

Soy milk and soy cheese are a great alternative.

Group AB people should limit as much as possible the use of wheat-based foods, may alternatively use rye flour, basmati rice and brown rice.

The vegetables are recommended as leafy greens: broccoli, kale, chard, parsley.

The broccoli contain the enzyme myrosinase, which turns into sulforaphane, an anti tumor that is also contained in foods such as spicy mustard and hot pepper.

By combining the diet mustard, recommended for the AB group, broccoli, we enhance the antitumor effect, mustard can also be used by groups 0, A, B.

The chilli is instead recommended to the blood type AB, A, indifferent for Group 0 and beneficial for the Group B.

For women who have had a family history of breast cancer, Peter D’Adamo suggests both belonging to the Blood Group A and Group AB to those introduced in the diet of snails, because they contain a powerful “lectin” adhering to the forms the most common cancers of the breast and the agglutinates in this case the damage that causes the “lectin” is similar to a drug.

People Group AB, may develop a physical characteristic of Group A or B




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