Enzymes, frequencies, food intolerances and overloads.

The “Common Factor” that creates food intolerance is the failure of the ‘ enzyme that catalyzes the reaction of the food in question.
The  enzyme   is a protein essential to life, is an accelerator of biological reactions, specific to that reaction, and without this, the reactions would take years to be completed.
The  enzymes  have the particularity to remain unchanged at the end of the reaction, it is not consume, are not destroyed, at most they fall asleep, they become quiescent.
For example, if we take the milk, food that should not be taken after weaning, we have that “lactase”breaks down lactose and makes you think this is absorbed by the intestinal villi.
In some people this enzyme works even after the weaning, in others not.
If it does not, the lactose remains in the intestinal lumen resulting in fermentation. and attracting water which causes dysentery, while galactose and glucose, are absorbed.
since cow’s milk by-products which have many dairy products, cheese, yogurt with a concentration ratio of lactose different.
Some people can eat a certain brand of cow’s milk, but they have symptoms suggestive of cow’s milk intolerance if they hire another company
There are people “intolerant” who can not eat fresh cheese (dairy products), but they eat the cheese.
The Vietnamese population, has a 90% intolerance to cow’s milk, while people living in the Caucasus, which are fed with fermented milk from birth, have become tolerant to cow’s milk due to an inherited genetic mutation.
mutation of the gene occurred due to lifestyle and nutrition that has continued to send signals and information to the organism.
removing it completely from the intolerant food diet, the gene will not have the signal for the genetic change and become quiescent. What our active or inactive enzyme?
A signal ! (*)
You know when you’re talking on a cell phone and all of a sudden you do not hear the person on the other end more than what you say? dropped the signal, I have no signal, it lacks the  frequency!
Enzima 1 @DrTraverso
Enzima 2 @DrTraverso
In nature, the physical event always precedes the chemical event and therefore our Nzima  performs its function if it is activated by  the  specific frequency of the food otherwise, not activating, creates intolerance, overload, incompatibility .
Returning to our dairy cow emits a signal that these foods is not the same, but are different signals that activate the enzymes specific.
This applies to cow’s milk and its derivatives, but also applies to all the foods that we introduce in our body ..
We can be overloaded with red peppers and then have digestive difficulties, swelling, and water retention and have the compatibility yellow pepper, because the frequency of the emitted yellow bell pepper is compatible with the human body, the signal activates and Nzima for digestion of yellow pepper, but does not activate the digestion of red pepper, but if you eat a ratatouille with red and yellow peppers we will have the symptoms of overload.
We, are a set of frequencies.
What we see in our body is the ‘illusion optics of this set of frequencies.
We have our personal frequency that we does make the choices in life.
We attend people who are “in resonance” and avoid people who are not in tune with our person.
Our brain emits frequencies, the whole body emits frequencies and these are the basis of modern medical diagnosis.
  Everything is frequency, Nicola Tesla said:
“If you want to discover the secrets of the Universe thinks   in terms of energy, frequency and vibration “

This concept is used in medical practice for the diagnosis, but did not care.
Conventional medicine uses the drug, which has a cost of production, profit, neglects the vibrational remedy because when we analyze only find sugar or water, we do not find the active chemical.
however Into Luc Montagner (**) with Alberto Tedeschi, Giuseppe Vitiello and Emilio Del Giudice, they found that some DNA sequences, can produce electromagnetic signals at low distance in aqueous solutions at high dilution.

 Grazie Masaru EmotoTi uccido Masaru EmotoMasaru Emoto has shown that the ice crystals that are formed, by subjecting the water at frequencies of words in negative or positive, are different

To check whether or not we are overloaded or intolerant or if a food is consistent, then we must understand how our body reacts when it comes into contact with the frequency of a food.
If you are submitting to a normal test for food intolerance, we have the confirmation of the malfunction of the ‘enzyme,  but the e Nzima  perhaps still works, is the message for activation that is not recognized.
MBTP Today, thanks to the test we have the opportunity to determine whether the frequency of food or are are not compatible with our body or better with our personal frequency.
MBTP The test detects the frequency threshold personnel or personnel from an organic sample can be saliva or blood or hair or nails.
threshold is compared with staff and over 500 foods both European and South Americans.
Foods that exceed this threshold are all foods considered to be overloaded or intolerant.incompatible, then “poisons” while those that are below the threshold staff or better still with a negative sign are considered “drugs.”
This concept of  “signal” frequency  gives us a new vision to the problem of overloading and intolerances.
In addition to giving us the information on the single food, the test gives us an indication of the categories: flavors, meat, cereals etc.., proposing what is the best diet to be taken for our body: omnivorous, vegetarian, vegan ecc.evitando to choose a power supply based on fads or beliefs, but based on their compatibility.
Besides the food the test can advise which products are most suitable and specific to resolve our issues such products frequencial, Vibrational ,   to reshape the signal and re-establish tolerance .
A period of approximately 2-3 months   Enzyme Diet will help to restore the proper functioning of enzyme

Mara Sol and Antonio Traverso

@ DrTraverso

Test MBTP is available on line 500 food

version Italian   

Portuguese version 

(*) A signal! For more information I recommend you see the movie on you tube by Bruce Lipton “The most powerful mind of genes”  that confirms what I taught 10 years ago at the School of Natural Medicine (Fisiobiocibernetica Nutrition) of Padua and Bergamo

(**) Luc Montagner prize Nobel Prize for Medicine for his discovery of the HIV virus





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